Kitchen Remodeling in Des Moines

What We Offer

Full Kitchen Redesign

Our kitchen remodeling services in Des Moines encompass complete redesigns that enhance functionality and workflow. We modernize crucial kitchen systems including plumbing and electrical, ensuring your kitchen is not only visually appealing but also highly efficient and compliant with safety standards.

Cabinets and Counters

McCulloch provides tailored cabinetry solutions that meet your storage demands and personal style. We offer a variety of countertop materials such as granite, quartz, and marble, ensuring they complement your kitchen’s overall design.

kitchen after remodel

Flooring and Lighting

Enhance your kitchen with our custom lighting options that brighten and set the perfect ambiance. Our flooring choices range from durable hardwood to stylish tiles, designed to handle kitchen activities while boosting the room’s aesthetic.

Advanced Appliance Integration

We equip your kitchen with the latest appliances, integrating them smoothly into your layout. Our selections include energy-efficient models and advanced cooking technologies that enhance your culinary experience.



  • Cabinet Installation
  • Home Redesign
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Living room Remodeling
  • Bedroom Remodeling
  • Bathroom Vanity Installation
  • Exterior Makeovers
  • Interior Flooring, Hardwood, and  LVT
  • Energy Efficient Upgrades
Why McCulloch Construction LLC?
At McCulloch Construction, we focus on making your kitchen a creative and welcoming space for cooking and gathering, providing quick and responsive customer service and free estimates. Contact us to begin planning your remodel and turn your kitchen into a highlight of your home.
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